Here are some links to our webstore, some friends, and some good reading for your pleasure.

This is your one-stop-shop for all Strong Hearts branded merchandise. We also have some cool cookbooks, and we sell gift cards that are redeemable at both locations.

A blog with loads of delicious recipes - from long time employee and General Manager integral to the opening of Strong Hearts on the Hill.

A wonderful blog from Professor Laurence Thomas (often seen around Marshall Square Mall). Thomas tackles all sorts of topics through the lens of morality.

Our friend and manager Azor takes on environmental issues in his blog!

Our other location - the one that started it all. It has a different menu, including more milkshake options and breakfast all day. Check it out!

Ethical vegan athletes. Running races righteously.

Ever wish recipes read more like Method Man and less like Julia Child? And all vegan? Thug kitchen just might be for you! Try the Cauliflower Cream Pasta.

Recess roasts coffee for both of our locations. They are an awesome local company worth checking out if you haven't already!